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One-Stop Party Rentals for Adults and Kids

Are you in the need of something fast, at the right price, and for the short term? The smart and inexpensive move is to rent it. We are the best source in New York, Granny’s Rental. We carry children’s products such as cribs, strollers and furniture. As well as a full range of party, catering and event supplies. We also offer the comforts of home for overnight guests including well-constructed folding beds, linens and towels.

For more than 26 years, we have served the tri-state area and the Hamptons, providing excellence in customer care and highly competitive pricing to families, tourists, hotels and institutions.

Featured Baby Rentals

Featured Party Rentals
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Granny’s Rental is designed for your convenience. There’s no need to go to our location when we showcase a variety of event/party rental options right on our website.  All you need is your mobile phone or desktop computer to review what you need for your event or party. Then call us to schedule your rental delivery!

At Granny's Rental, we guarantee customer satisfaction. If there’s something wrong with our items give us a call and we will make it right. Just one more thing for your peace of mind!


"I had originally booked a baby strolled with another company but they canceled my order for no reason. So I called Granny's Rental. The staff was polite, quick, and answered all my questions in under 60 seconds. I placed my order and it was very easy and stress-free." 

William C. - New York, NY

"After having tried a competitors service for baby gear rental on previous ocassions, I can say this is by far the best. I requested a double stroller on short notice and was delivered a brand new stroller with accessories the next day. No hassles, no isssues at all. Communication was quick and direct. The stroller even had tags and instructions booklet. Their rate is precise for the quality of service and gear provided. Will definitely be using Granny’s Rental from here on."

Estefania Arias - New York, NY

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